MIRAIT Holdings Corporation

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name MIRAIT Holdings Corporation
Security Code 1417
Date of Establishment October 1, 2010
Head Office 5-6-36, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8111, Japan accessmap
Representative Masatoshi Suzuki, President and Chief Executive Officer
Paid-In Capital 7,000,000,000 yen
Stock Listing 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Details of Businesses Engage in telecommunications engineering work, electrical work, civil engineering work, and construction work as well as exercise management control of subsidiaries and Group companies engaged in the aforementioned businesses in addition to undertaking ancillary businesses
Group Companies MIRAIT Corporation
MIRAIT Technologies Corporation


Organization Map


President and Chief Executive Officer Masatoshi Suzuki
Senior Executive Vice President Kouichi Takahatake
Director Manabu Kiriyama
Director Ryuichi Hara
Director Yasuhiro Yamamoto
Director Masayoshi Hosokawa
Director Masaharu Kimura
Director Eiji Ebinuma
Corporate Auditor Masao Matsuo
Corporate Auditor Masashi Sogo
Corporate Auditor Keiji Kitajima
Corporate Auditor Hiroshi Daikuya