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About MIRAIT Group

Group reorganization opens the door to a new stage

October 2010 Management integration of the three companies

The Company, upon the integration of operations of DAIMEI TELECOM ENGINEERING CORP., Commuture Corp. and TODENTSU Corporation, was incorporated as a joint holding company of the three companies and consists of MIRAIT Group with those three subsidiary companies on October 1, 2010.

The three companies were engaged in the telecommunications engineering business (telecommunications and IT facility construction, maintenance and other services). The business environment surrounding this business has undergone significant transformation. Customers' needs were increasingly advanced and diversified and the realization of reliable, high-quality services in an ever broader range of business areas was required. Given such an environment, the three companies concurred in their recognition that their respective marketing bases, operating areas and areas of specialization were highly complementary, and that moving rapidly into the next era as an integrated engineering firm, by seeking synergies and simultaneously creating a solid foundation for a nationwide construction organization and pursuing new technological innovations, was their greatest business challenge. As a result of discussions concerning this issue, the three companies judged the best alternative was to further strengthen their business base by using the management resources of the three firms to the greatest extent possible to maximize corporate value, enhance competitiveness and promote greater efficiency in each business, and achieve integrated results based on a management integration.

October 2012 Business reorganization

Since the management integration in October 2010, MIRAIT Group had been considering measures to enhance productivity and to develop new businesses, with a view to becoming a "comprehensive engineering & services company." As a result, we had reached a conclusion that it was desirable to transit the Group business to a new Group operating model through restructuring the three business companies, in an effort to streamline the Group operation by concentrating all resources of the three as early as possible, along with developing new pillars of business.

In pursuit of integrated management of the Group's businesses to enable aggressive business expansion adapted to changes in the market, we reorganized the current Group structure consisting of three business companies into a structure consisting of two companies—namely, MIRAIT Corporation headquartered in Tokyo and MIRAIT Technologies Corporation headquartered in Osaka—in October 1, 2012.

In order to continue operating as a "comprehensive engineering & service company" that realizes the highest level of customer satisfaction and trust, under the idea of "One MIRAIT Group," the Group will continue striving to achieve overall optimization of management resources, such as technologies and experiences, customer bases, and human resources which we have cultivated up to now, and we will further enhance our corporate value.

Against the background of a society experiencing dynamic change, as we move forward we will continue probing to find the optimal balance between our current and future activities and between our main and peripheral activities. I hope all of our readers will join me in looking forward to the future success of the MIRAIT Group as it opens the door to a new era in its history.

Creation of the MIRAIT Group